About Kingdale Kennels

What Services Are Provided?

Our facility is specifically designed for boarding dogs of all sizes. We also provide baths and nail trimming for pets that are boarded with us.

Facility Information

The boarded dogs are housed in a 95′ long, concrete block building that is heated and air-conditioned. We have upper and lower kennel enclosures on either side of a main aisle. The indoor kennels are 5′ wide x 5′ deep x 4.5′ tall. They are connected to individual outdoor exercise runs that are 5′ wide x 30′ long. The dogs in the upper kennels use a ramp to access those runs. We control the access because of the climate extremes in Minnesota and because only one level of dogs can occupy the space at a time. We let the dogs out morning and afternoon. The amount of time they spend outdoors depends on the daily temperature and conditions. While the dogs are outside exercising and eliminating, we remove any soiled bedding from each indoor kennel (we use either aspen wood shavings or papers), disinfect, add fresh bedding, and replace or refill waters.

Food and Medication

The dogs are fed in the morning and late afternoon, after they have exercised in the outdoor runs. We feed Purina Dog Chow mixed with some warm water to increase the palatability of the food. If your dog is on a special diet or has a sensitive digestive system we recommend bringing your dog’s food from home. We ask that you individually bag your dog’s food per meal (two meals per day) in a resealable plastic bag. Place a paper tag inside each bag showing the dog’s name and your last name.

Vaccination Requirements

We require the following vaccinations to be current while boarding

  • Rabies
  • DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parvo, parainfluenza)
  • Bordetella.

We also require that the vaccines be administered at least two weeks prior to boarding. This allows time for a proper immune response to build before introducing the dog to a community environment. We need to see proof of these vaccinations when you drop off your pet for the first time, and again whenever a vaccination is updated. The veterinary record must show an expiration date for each vaccine given.

Additionally, we require you to treat your dog with a flea and tick preventative from spring through late fall. Please consult your veterinarian for product recommendations and cautions.

Boarding Options

When you schedule a boarding reservation for your dog(s) at Kingdale, we will select from the following options:

  • Share a kennel with a canine housemate.
  • Share a kennel with another boarded dog (if a suitable companion is available).
    We consider breed characteristics, temperament, activity level, age, sex and each dog’s individual history when making these matches. Many dogs enjoy having a companion during their stay.
  • Board alone at Kingdale’s request.
    Some breeds of dogs should always be boarded alone, as should any dog with a history of aggression. Dogs that do not have opportunities to socialize with other dogs should also stay alone. Some dogs enjoy playing with other dogs but do not want to share a confined space.
  • Board alone at owner’s request.
  • Evaluate for shared boarding.
    We supervise play sessions between dogs to determine if they would be suitable companions for another dog and if they would enjoy the company of another dog while boarding. Based on our observations we will either suggest shared boarding or require the dog be boarded alone.

During major holidays and school breaks (see additional handout) we limit the number of board alone reservations that we accept. We caution any client whose dog boards alone to make holiday and school break reservations well in advance of the dates needed. You might also want to establish a relationship with another boarding kennel or pet sitting service to expand your pet care options during these peak times. We reserve the right to change a pet’s boarding status to alone at any time if we believe it is unsafe or unwise to have that dog sharing a kennel.

Open Every Day

  • Sun-Fri: 8am-6pm
  • Sat: 8am-5pm

Office closed for major holidays


We are located in the far northeast corner of Eden Prairie, south of Crosstown HWY 62 off HWY 212 at the Shady Oak Road exit.


If you would like to see our facility, tours are available daily between 11:00am and 1:00pm except for holidays and school breaks. Visits can be arranged at other times but calling ahead is appreciated.